Innovation management

Beyond R&D in products and technologies, LafargeHolcim is focused on instituting smart innovation management systems to unlock the full value of these solutions for both our clients and our company.

These practices include initiatives to provide and capture value beyond the direct sale of our products to customers. Examples include integrated market solutions like SpeedCrete from Indonesia, for which we offer a full guarantee to repair roads in less than seven hours, allowing our customers to run their businesses with less interruption. We also aim to translate disruptive technologies and emerging trends into new business models, giving us the potential to become game-changers within our industry, for example in building information modelling.

In commercial teams, understanding the needs of our customers has become the guiding strategy in all interactions with them. Furthermore, the increasing use of customer analytics to understand individual customer preferences is giving us a more rigorous understanding of our markets. These insights feed back into R&D and other innovation functions to ensure we are focusing on the issues of most value to clients.

To further accelerate our time to market for new technologies, we are increasingly interacting and partnering with start-ups and practicing open-innovation strategies to solve complex problems.

Overall, by designing the right organization structures and interactions, and by nurturing the right culture, we aim to make innovation reliable and systematic so that we can better serve our customers and sustain long-term growth.