Delivering value for our customer segments

Building and affordable housing

The building segment is a vast sector, ranging from detached houses to office towers, schools, supermarkets, and industrial buildings. The building market represents EUR 6 trillion of investment, or two-thirds of global construction expenditure. Providing value-added solutions to customers and end users is a sizeable opportunity. Recent examples include:

  • ACC Gold, a water-repellent composite cement, helps improve indoor climate within buildings;
  • Durabric, an alternative solution to kiln-fired brick, is produced from a mixture of earth and cement compressed in a mold and allowed to cure in the sun naturally without firing;
  • Solidia Cement™, developed with Solidia Technology, is a new low-carbon binder that solidifies with CO2 curing. An integrated solution is being offered to prefab customers; and
  • Ductal® ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) combines exceptional strength, durability, and aesthetic qualities. Ductal® cladding panels meet the external thermal insulation requirements of buildings and offer a new option for architects seeking a mineral solution for construction and renovation of building facades.


Infrastructure – encompassing systems for transport, energy and mining, roads, telecommunications, water, and public amenities – is a vital factor in the development of cities and countries. It is also an economic sector in which construction materials play a significant role.

In the infrastructure business, one of the fundamental keys to success consists of defining the best construction material solutions at the start of the design phase, when the most important decisions are made. From the design stage onward, we propose products and services tailored to the specific needs of each sector: roads and tunnels, mining, energy (particularly wind turbines and power plants), and transportation of people or freight as well as data transfer.

  • In mining operations, we provide a comprehensive offering covering the entire lifecycle of an underground mine, ranging from construction of galleries and backfilling operations to rehabilitation after the completion of quarrying.
  • For roads, we possess expertise in co-design based on a wide range of solutions such as soil stabilization with the use of cement and aggregates to ensure greater solidity of concrete or asphalt roads.
  • For electric power plants and wind turbines, our solutions provide high performance in terms of strength, durability, and speed of construction.
  • For transport, we provide solutions to meet the specific needs of each segment, including bridges, railways, ports, and airports. For instance, for harbor construction we offer global logistics capabilities as well as solutions for building quays.

Distribution and retail

Representing around 60 percent of the bag volume sold by LafargeHolcim, distribution and retail are vital to the business success of the company. This sector also plays a key role in helping us better serve and understand the needs of the market as it provides strategic touchpoints where our products and solutions meet their customers and end users.

For LafargeHolcim, being a business partner to all players in the distribution chain is key. We aim to achieve this by making our products and solutions available at all times, generating additional business for distributors, retailers, and do-it-youself stores. We also offer in-store animations, product knowledge, digital platforms, mobile apps, and financing schemes for our customers and end users, including individuals and professionals.

One of our key strengths is the ability to tailor our distribution to local needs. In this regard, LafargeHolcim benefits from its unique global footprint, building on the strengths of both legacy companies. An important pillar is our own point-of-sale network, including multi-product retail formats like Batistore in Algeria or Disensa in Ecuador. Through the expansion and cross-fertilization of these formats across the Group, LafargeHolcim is in a strong position to directly serve end users and become their preferred reference point in building or renovation projects.

Besides a strong physical presence, LafargeHolcim intends to create a digital ecosystem by integrating all players in the construction value chain on an online platform. This will provide an enhanced omnichannel buying experience for our end users.

Oil and gas

The global leader in providing solutions for onshore and offshore exploration, LafargeHolcim is a local and international partner of the oil and gas industry in serving the world’s energy needs.

Our customers operate in remote and extreme climate zones. We serve the industry across the globe in the Americas, Africa, and Asia – from extreme cold tundra and deserts to hot and humid jungles.

The global network of LafargeHolcim includes well cement manufacturing sites, terminals, technical centers, and global and local experts. All of these provide services and advanced solutions to the industry and comply with all its quality standards and specifications.

LafargeHolcim has an R&D team dedicated to developing innovative solutions to address the world’s energy needs.

Ready-mix concrete and the industrial channel

To best support the ready-mix businesses in the countries, LafargeHolcim has launched two Group-wide initiatives pertaining to ready-mix concrete, with the aim of providing immediate synergies by strengthening the know-how of the businesses and increasing customer intimacy:

  • Ready-mix concrete cross-selling, to build and optimize the product portfolio, local and global brands, as well as services;
  • Mix design optimization, to support the country organizations in defining a consistent approach and common management of raw materials worldwide.

At LafargeHolcim, the capabilities of local teams are also fully leveraged by sharing best practices and by focusing on customer satisfaction on a daily basis.