Global Megatrends

LafargeHolcim is evolving in a fast-moving business environment shaped by three megatrends: population growth, rapid urbanization, and resource scarcity & climate change. The Group believes it can play a key role in tackling these challenges. We develop innovative products, we offer integrated solutions from a single source, and we have set clear sustainability targets for our operations. This special page takes you on a short visual journey through this world, highlighting some of our contributions.


  • Our international key account teams provide innovative segment offerings based on their global sector expertise and experience. This allows us to begin our support of infrastructure projects at an early stage – nearly anywhere in the world.

  • We provide environmentally friendly solutions for many of the world’s tallest buildings. They can develop greater ultimate strength and help control shrinkage, creep, and cracking in mass concrete structures.

  • Many of our customers build in the world’s most challenging geographic regions, including remote mountain areas. Our in-house logistics teams make sure we can support every project with the highest reliability.

  • Especially in tropical countries with heavy rainfall, water seeping into construction can cause dangerous and costly damage. So we offer specially formulated high-quality water-resistant cements that help prevent cracks in buildings.

  • Our insulating concrete allows concrete to assume an entirely new role in building construction. Structural elements can now reduce energy consumption and the associated costs for heating and air conditioning.

  • As part of our resource-efficient business model, we offer cities and other clients a sustainable service for recovering, processing, and recycling household waste and other waste materials – which we then use as alternative fuels and raw materials for cement production.

  • Large and complex construction projects call for integrated solutions like our on-site concrete plants. Dedicated logistics solutions combined with our ultra-high-performance products turn architects’ visions into reality.

  • We’ve been working to constantly reduce the environmental impact of our operations and our products. We now have the lowest CO2 emissions per ton of cement among all international cement companies.

  • We contribute to resource conservation by making use of substitute and alternative materials. For example, some of our products contain granite reclaimed from demolition debris; others contain waste materials that replace sand.

  • Our architectural concretes are helping to reshape the face of modern cities by providing a level of creative freedom never seen before. Easy to use, low in maintenance, and fit for the highest architectural requirements, they can master complex shapes and forms like no other concrete.

  • Roadbuilders come to us for integrated solutions from one source. Using our ultra-rapid-setting concrete, they can repair roads overnight and allow traffic to flow as usual the next morning.

  • We offer the world’s first large-scale, low-carbon, commercially viable industrial solution for the global cement market. Precast concrete manufacturers in particular have embraced this faster-curing and higher-performance innovation.

  • Many construction projects in dense urban centers require immense amounts of building materials. We develop individual delivery concepts that meet clients’ needs while observing restrictions for delivery times and truck size.