Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee (including the CEO) are appointed by the Board of Directors and are responsible for the management of the Group. The members of the Executive Committee may be assisted by Area Managers in their area of responsibility. Area Managers are appointed upon motion by the respective Executive Committee member by the CEO after advice and assessment by the Executive Committee.

The tasks of the Executive Committee as Senior Management are divided into different areas of responsibility in terms of country and function, each of these areas being ultimately supervised and managed by a member of the Executive Committee.

Further to the situation effective January 1, 2015 reported in the Annual Report 2014 and with the closing of the merger, the following changes within the Executive Committee have occurred:

Bernard Fontana, former Chief Executive Officer of Holcim Ltd, has decided to pursue other challenges outside the Group from the date of the closure of the merger. LafargeHolcim thanked Bernard Fontana for his contribution to the Group.

Eric Olsen has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the combined Group with effect from the date of the closure of the merger.

Bernard Terver, responsible for Africa Middle East as well as South Asia, has stepped down from the Executive Committee and assumed the position as Head of India for LafargeHolcim from the date of the closure of the merger.

Andreas Leu, responsible for the Americas, has decided to pursue other challenges outside the Group with effect from August 1, 2015. LafargeHolcim thanked Andreas Leu for his contributions to the Group.

Thomas Aebischer, Chief Financial Officer of the Group, has decided to pursue new opportunities outside the Group and has been succeded by Ron Wirahadiraksa as of December 1, 2015. LafargeHolcim thanked Thomas Aebischer for his contribution to the Group.

Effective December 31, 2015 the Executive Committee was composed of the following ten members. None of the members of the Executive Committee has important functions outside the LafargeHolcim Group or any other significant commitments of interest.

Composition of the Executive Committee

Executive Committee




Excluding India, which is under direct responsibility of the CEO.

Eric Olsen



Ron Wirahadiraksa



Urs Bleisch


Performance and Cost

Alain Bourguignon


Region Head North America

Pascal Casanova


Region Head Latin America

Jean-Jacques Gauthier


Integration, Organization & Human Resources

Roland Köhler


Region Head Europe

Gérard Kuperfarb


Growth and Innovation

Saâd Sebbar


Region Head Middle East Africa

Ian Thackwray


Region Head Asia Pacific1

Please refer to chapter Executive Committee for biographical information on the members of the Executive Committee.

Management agreements

LafargeHolcim has no management agreements in place with companies or private individuals outside the Group.

Compensation, shareholdings and loans

Details of Board and management compensation, shareholdings, and loans are contained in the remuneration report and in the Holding company results.