10. Other income and expenses

Million CHF




Restated due to changes in accounting policies, see note 2.

Dividends earned



Net gain on disposal before taxes



Revaluation gain on previously held equity interest



Total other income






Depreciation, amortization and impairment of non-operating assets






Total other expenses



The position “Net gain on disposal before taxes” mainly includes:

  • a gain on the disposal of LafargeHolcim’s entire remaining stake in Siam City Cement Public Company Limited of CHF 371 million;
  • a gain relating to the change in ownership interest of several subsidiaries in the Philippines of CHF 97 million;
  • a gain on the disposal of LafargeHolcim’s entire lime business in New Zealand of CHF 68 million;
  • a gain on the disposal of operations and assets to CRH in Europe, North America and Brazil of CHF 63 million;
  • a gain on the disposal of Holcim (Česko) a.s. and LafargeHolcim’s Gador cement plant and Yeles grinding station in Spain to Cemex of CHF 61 million; and
  • gains on disposal of property, plant and equipment of CHF 42 million (2014: CHF 123 million).

The position “Revaluation gain on previously held equity interest” comprises:

  • the revaluation gain on the previously held equity interest of Lafarge Cement Egypt S.A.E. and of Unicem of CHF 357 million and CHF 181 million respectively; and
  • in connection with these acquisitions in stages, the reclassification of a foreign exchange loss for Lafarge Cement Egypt S.A.E. of CHF 33 million and a foreign exchange gain for Unicem of CHF 6 million.

The position “Other” mainly includes:

  • several provisions amounting to a total of CHF 202 million; and
  • a reclassification of foreign exchange losses amounting to CHF 81 million relating to changes in LafargeHolcim holding structure in Thailand. This reclassification is partially offset with the gain of CHF 44 million, which could be recognized due to the reclassification of the fair value of a net investment hedge.